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I'm Chris Pritchard

My little experiment with static site generation about me, my ideas and progress.


In 2006, I started a side hustle with wedding photography. That turned into a successful side business I ran for 10 years. Now I photograph for hobby and competition. Work can be viewed at pritchardphotos.com

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With a career that expands more than 20 years as a web designer, front-end developer, analytics expert, and product management, I few opinions on things.


Why you need to rethink your analytics platform and change the way you report.

Big enterprises are modernizing their web applications and experience. This should include their data collection methods.

User Experience Madness

Maybe, just maybe they'll see this.


Can I get a reorder please?

Wouldn't be that difficult to add the ability to reorder when you send a confirmation email.

Cycling Journey

Two years ago, I was at rock bottom with my health. Over 250 pounds and very unhealthy. This is my journey to become an elite Masters Cyclist and podium at the National Championship.

Every journey has a beginning

The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.