About Me

My Story

every artist was first an amateur

My humble beginnings as an amateur, had grown to become 
a pursuit of passion in the ability to create spectacular stories.

Great memories live in the stories that create them

Photography, to me, isn't just about creating images for memories. It's about creating works of art that I'm proud of, as well as my clients.

My story of pursuit with photography started with learning how to take pictures of a realtor on a camera that recorded straight to a mini disc. Classic high tech stuff back then. All I knew was P mode, the Picture Perfect mode. I knew nothing of what an aperture was nor an ISO. Then one day, while waiting in the local grocery store, I came across a magazine that ranked the Top 10 wedding photographers in America. I came across one particular photographer, and that was Jerry Ghionis. All I wanted to do was to become as good as he is. So from there, I set out to master photography. I didn't take any formal classes; I was ultimately self-taught and studied the work of the best photographers After about five years, I finally got the chance to spend a week with him with one on one hands-on learning.

From then on, it changed the way I photographed. I worked hard to create a style unique to my brand. I loved the work of cinematographers, mainly since they can only shoot in horizontal format, but the use of how they framed, color graded, used depth of field and always using the rule of thirds. I wanted to bring that, emotion and vibrancy to my work, and blend that together. So when a client views the work, they are taken through a serious of emotions that are done artfully.

Emotion, action and reaction

Every image taken I believe has a wonderful story behind, or in my case, create the stories my clients desire. Take a look at this video to see the stories I've created.

Awards & Accolades

Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I have been fortunate to earn awards and accolades throughout the industry. My return to competition photography will resume in 2020.

2016 – PPA Bronze Medal (Professional Photographers Association)
2015 – 2nd place Wedding Category PPA District Image Competition
2014 – PPA Bronze Medal (Professional Photographers Association)
2014 – PPANE Judges Choice
2010 – PPWM West Michigan Top 5 Photographer
Guest Speaker – Winona School of Photography