Before and After Episode One

Before and After Episode One

What you see is not always what you get

Below you’ll find a series of “before and after” images that I have created over time. My goal as a photographer has always been to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Often as photographers, particularly wedding photographing is that we are thrown into places with not ideal conditions. I have always felt my clients deserve better when I can create something beyond what they expected.

Many times I will take a shot with an end vision already in mind that I’ll do in post work. Clients are blown away, and in many cases, they believe the reworked photo is actually the real photo taken. Here are some examples below.

Sunset CoupleSunset Couple no editing

Everybody loves sunsets

When I as setting up this shot, I could visualize a big dramatic sunset. I wanted to create atmosphere, dynamics and depth to photo. I used a single speed light at full power. In the post work, I added various texture, fog for depth and dropped a nice dramatic sky in.

Sunsets are better than blow out skies

In this shot, I had fallen in love with the hanging lights above the clients dancing, however, you would not be able to see their effect until later. I reworked this image, by dropping in a new sky, color grading and modifying the lights to look like they were glowing. This added a more intimate feel to their first dance photos.

Sometimes I make errors

With this wedding, there were some timing challenges, so not all time was divided equally between brides. Typically the client sees almost all the shots I produce in-camera. This gives them confidence in what I’m creating and gets them excited.

In this particular case, the client had called me a few days after the wedding, realizing that they didn’t see a full gown bridal, I told them I did have it. Well, when I looked, I didn’t. So I had to do some photoshop work in order to create that image. It mainly came down to swapping out heads. In the original photo, I show that as a test shot to meter lighting, as you can see, the client wasn’t looking. Once the client got the end product, they were delighted with the results. Phew..

No pain no gain

This was a concept shoot the client wanted to do on a snowy day. The client made their own outfit for this shoot, props and all. The makeup artist was done by the talented Alison Brower. The two worked a lot in preparation for this.

I was fortunate enough to stay bundled for this shoot. The client, however was just impervious to the cold. I had some general ideas of what I wanted to create. That was to develop this tomb raider like feeling. This image was composited with several different graphics. A background, some additional snow, and effects applied.

I was delighted with how it turned out.

Cool groomsman photoCool groomsman photo original

Smokin’ in the boys room

This photo took some time to set up. Multiple video lights were used. I need to use the accuracy of the video lights in this tight space so that light focused directly on the subject and not light the whole room. We had the get the props in place, everyone positioned just right and create the mood. No major effects were added this, just color corrections and dodging and burning.

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